Black Car Solutions

SVT supplies SmartCab® Dispatch, SmartCab® Billing, SmartCab® Imaging, Auto-Dispatch and Nextel/Blackberry application and the support necessary to provide the Black Car industry services with maintenance and a fully functioning dispatch, billing and imaging software package (SmartCab® dispatch is also available with post-pc devices [Nextel / Blackberry). SVT also provides web-based reservation system and web based invoicing and billing systems.

The key points Sounview Technologies would like to emphasize are:

Broad experience with the implementation of dispatch and billing as well as Dispatch Terminal solution for Taxi and Limousine industry.

Proven product quality & flexibility

Outstanding service & support 24/7

Ability to interface with most hardware, thirdparty vendors, CRS and various accountings packages.

Unique features with SmartCab® dispatch, billing, imaging & Blackberry phones java application solution.

Proven, state of the Art Advanta terminals; i.c: Windows CE .NET based, Intel xscale 400MHz, GPS, Splite Cradle & Sliding Cradle

No hidden costs or charges.

Dispatch Software for MDT (Mobile Data Terminals)

Soundview has developed the completely new JAVA application for Nextel/Sprint Blackberry Handheld Devices, but since it is a Microsoft Windows .NET open architecture based Device, customers are welcome to choose any Windows CE

application of their choice.

SmartCab® Dispatch & Billing Features

Call Take Module

This module interfaces with a comprehensive GeoData support sub-module, which provides an extensive database (streets, addresses, landmarks) and affords quick access to dispatched calls or future reservations.

Supervisor Module

With its intuitive and navigational screens, it not only handles exceptions but also manages the fleet via a CAD system.

Voucer Verfication & Driver Check Printing Module

Assists in the verification of the authenticity of voucher charges prior to submission to the customer for payment.

Customer Invoicing Module

In addition to producing high quality and customized laser printed invoices for customers, customer invoicing can interface, as an option with the SmartCab Imaging System for voucher/invoice electronic storage and retrieval capabilities. Smartcab® has the functionality to format Invoices according to the account requirements.

Fleet Management

This module has an interface for Comprehensive Driver Profiles, Driver Payment, Driver Payment History and Check Management.

Vehicle Operations & Drivers' Log

Allows you to keep track of driver and vehicle information.

Steady Reservations / Standing Orders

Steady Reservations (regular/frequent daily, weekly, monthly pickups) can be setup on-time in the SmartCab® and they will be available automatically according to the Schedule time.

LimoNet® /

Interface to, which enables Limousine companies to book jobs across the U.S. and even abroad – and get paid for doing so.

Credit Card Processing

Interfaces with all major clearing houses for credit card, debit card processing and settlement.

Automatic Call-back System

Automatic call-back systems that works with all major PBS systems.

Vehicle Tracking

This module provides Live Vehicle Tracking, Historic vehicle path, Upgradeable maps that can interface with 3rd party mapping software applications. This module helps in monitoring all the cars live as well as to track an individual vehicle at the Street level zoom. In addition, tracking parameters can be changed on the fly.

In-Car Credit Card Processing & Settlement

With the help of this module, Drivers are able to process the Credit Card in the Car and not only get approvals, but also Settle the Credit Card in the Car and provide a receipt to the customers in the car at the end of a ride.

SmartCab® Dispatch & Billing Features

High Speed Auto-Loader Scanning Module

This module has an interface integrated with the SmartCab for the scanning. Users are able to scan the batches of the vouchers stacked according to the percentage and drivers id. This process is further simplified in such a way that one single person is capable of scanning thousands of vouchers in few hours.

Paperless Voucher Verification Module

This module interfaces with the SmartCab, under SmartCab voucher verification screen users are able to retrieve the images of the vouchers instead of shuffling through the paper vouchers/batches. This process simplifies the voucher verification process so that it saves time and unnecessary labor as well as hassle of storing paper stacks of voucher libraries.

Voucher Images/Invoices Printing

Users are being able to print multiple voucher images per page to send along with the Invoices. SmartCab automatically sorts the images to be printed with the Invoices. This feature also saves time and labor of sorting and then attaching copies of the vouchers with the Invoices.

SmartCab® WebRide & SmartCab® eBill/Invoice Distribution

SmartCab® WebRide

SmartCab Webride provides functionality for Web based Reservations and Live calls through the Internet. Clients of a Limousine Company can go to the Limo Company’s Website and order a car with an Account Number or with a Credit Card. Clients also have option to print a Voucher from their desk or walk up to a central lobby location and get a printed Voucher. This Site also allows Clients of a Limousine Company to have access to the previous Rides/details, etc. SmartCab WebRide is fully integrated with SmartCab Dispatch/Billing and Limousine companies receive all the information within SmartCab Dispatch/Billing which allows them have central control over Dispatch.

SmartCab® eBill / Invoice Distribution

SmartCab eBill allows Customers to manage their bills for the Limousine Company online. While, with Invoice Distribution they can receive secure links/emails when Invoices are ready. Customer can click on secure link View/Download their Invoices right on the desk instead of waiting for paper Invoices.

SoundView can provide Vehicle Tracking for Dispatch Solution with Blackberry devices as well. With Tracking option, Limousine/Transportation companies can track and find Location of Drivers carrying Blackberry Devices with the help of internal GPS.


Soundview also has complete GPS based pricing and GPS based Dispatch for Advanta Terminals. This solution is not available for Blackberry Devices because internal GPS available with Blackberry Devices is not 100% accurate.

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